About Us

About Us

As a new, collectively owned recording studio and Record Label in Eastern England, Pleasant Noises is a collective project based on the DIY values of the punk and indie movements. Our aim is to create a system to help aspiring artists to help themselves and each other to make a place for themselves in the industry. Not only does this let us work with the brightest musical talents around, but also to offer amazing opportunities to artists who need to make a start in this tough industry. Read on to learn more about Pleasant Noises.

Recording services

Our studio facility consists of a recording room for drums or full band performances, a vocal/guitar booth and a mixing/monitor room with a full desk. All our rooms have been treated acoustically to guarantee the best results and properly capture the magic of your performance. Our equipment is up with industry standards, and our computer is loaded with the best tools and plugins that work together to create the perfect sound. You can book our recording services for a competitive fee.

A Quality Set-Up

You may have spent years working on the collection of songs you want to record with us. Rest assured, our equipment, studio set-up and engineers are all first-rate. An industry-standard recording studio, filled with great equipment and manned by a team of engineers and mixers who really know what they’re doing – yes, you’re in safe hands with us. From the initial recording to the arrangement and mixing, we’ll create a final result with all of the characteristics and personality that you’re looking for.


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